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Made to order and customizable gift boxes for every occasion. Simply pick your fragrance/s, tell us how many candles you need and how you'd like it delivered and we'll take care of the rest.

How it works


Crafted with love and delivered with fragrance, our products are designed to elevate your everyday mood, moments and creating an atmosphere of tranquility and vibes*

*Results may vary

Ordering Your Gift-box is Super Easy

A easy as 1 2 3


You make your selection

Select from over 75 available fragrances, or mix and match your own


We put it together

We assemble your gift box using a beautiful arrangement and elegant presentation


We ship it out

You or your loved one recieves their gift in the mail and enjoyment ensues

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Over 75 available fragrances

With this many fragrances available upon launch there will be something for everyone.

Don't see anything you like? Not to worry, we will even offer the option to mix and match different fragrances based on your taste and preferences.

A small sample of what's to come:

Acai Berry
Apple Crisp
Apple Pie
Butterfly Orchid
Butterscotch Chai
Cherry Blossom
Chocolate Fudge

Why halacan

At halacan we value full transparency. All materials used in the creation of our products are locally sourced, and comply with all safety regulations and laws. Here you can read about a few facts about our scented candles.

Effects on human health

No candle wax has ever been proven to be toxic, harmful or have negative effects on human health.

Candle wax soot

Soy wax is an organic material and as such will produce a tiny amount of soot (carbon) when burned.

Candle wax quality

We use high grade soy wax known to burn cleanly and safely with very minimal amount of carbon released.

Biodegradable wax

Soy wax is FDA approved and Kosher certified, made from a completely natural renewable resource.

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